Lewis Tan Could be the Biracial Nightwing of Our Dreams | Editorial

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Nightwing, or Robin for that matter, has so far been entirely disregarded in the modern-day DC Extended Universe. Besides the tarnished costume of (most likely) Jason Todd’s Robin seen briefly in Batman v Superman, we haven’t been given much content of the Boy Wonder.

Fortunately for DC fans, the director of The Lego Batman Movie is seeking to right this wrong against the character. Chris McKay has had a Nightwing film in the works for a while, and very recently actor Lewis Tan met with DC to discuss the role of Dick Grayson (among other DC projects, apparently).

It’s still a long way from production, but this Nightwing news gives hope that we may see an Asian actor portray the acrobatic hero. This would be phenomenal in terms of bringing more actors of color into comic book movies (a much-needed move) as well as giving lead roles to Asian actors, who are often slighted by Hollywood stereotypes and type-casting.

If Tan were cast as Nightwing in the near future, this DC fan in particular would be insanely excited. Actually, I’m not fooling anyone, I’ll be excited for this film whenever it does come out no matter who is playing the titular role. But how amazing and important would it be to see an actor of Asian descent kick ass and fulfill fanboy dreams on the big screen?

I’ll definitely be staying vigilant for more news about the Nightwing project as it develops.


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