Short Horror Film ‘They Hear It’ Will Soon be Turned Into a Full-Length Film

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Legendary Entertainment is turning an award-winning short filmmaker’s horror short into a feature, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m immensely fond of the genre as well as low-budget scares, and I hope this opportunity gives this director the exposure his level of talent deserves.


Excerpt from my article on Film School Rejects (link above):

Much of the project is still under wraps in terms of the rest of the plot, and it sounds like the two production companies plan to keep it that way. However, based on what we already know about the storyline of the short version of They Hear It, we can expect something both ominous and compelling.

The main action of They Hear It will center around a sinister noise, referred to as “The Sound,” which attracts and draws in any children who hear it. It’s not clear if the children affected are influenced by “The Sound” to take any evil action or are simply drawn to it, nor whom or what is producing it.

They Hear It evokes a similar mood to IT, where the safety of children is not guaranteed and is threatened by an unknown entity. It’s notable that there are similar themes in both films because IT director Andy Muschietti gained traction in the horror genre by helming the low-budget scary movie Mama.



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