Chadwick Boseman Puts the Superhero Mantle Aside for a Moment in Upcoming Cop-Thriller

Marvel Studios

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We were beyond lucky to have someone as talented as Chadwick Boseman play the Black Panther, a role he will definitely be associated with for years to come. His quiet, yet charismatic, portrayal of the Wakandan king was impressive for sure. I highly recommend, when reminiscing on his first appearance in the MCU’s Captain America: Civil War, re-watching that final scene between T’Challa and villain Zemo. His powerful speech on the realization he has come to concerning true justice and the effects of vengeance is the best look we get into who the character really is during Civil War:


Beyond this epic role as the Black Panther, though, Boseman’s career has consisted largely of biopics– at least in his bigger roles. Now, in the new film 17 Bridges he will have a chance to play a character who is much more of a “regular guy” so to speak. I’m excited to see how he gives life to the new role, described as an NYPD detective recently fallen from grace. The cop-thriller could be Boseman’s chance to step away from the magnificent T’Challa, finally getting to make a character more his own.


I go deeper into what I mean by this, as well as give a synopsis on Boseman’s new film in my article on FSR. Check it out!

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