Editorial on New ‘Frankenstein’ Re-Telling

I have a special amount of love and excitement for this article, as I was actually able to reach out to the director and interview her about this project. I’ve always had a good deal of phone anxiety but my editor encouraged me to reach out to the production in order to clarify some details– and it was exactly what the story needed.

Besides it being incredibly helpful for the news, I also got to pick the brain of an up-and-coming young filmmaker. Che Grayson is a black woman setting out to create a cool new sci-fi universe (and hopefully get an anthology series underway) starting with her short, Magic Hour. She was very, very cool during the interview as well. Her budding career has been inspiring to me personally which made the experience all the more enjoyable.

Good news for anyone who’s a fan of the FX show Pose: star Indya Moore (Angel on the show) will be starring in Magic Hour as well as producing. The short film-slash-pilot episode will be a contemporary Frankenstein set in Tokyo, with things getting more and more interesting from there.

Take a look!

I also wanted to say a brief thanks to all who read my posts about FSR articles let alone take the time to check them out. Even though I’ve never thought of myself as a journalist, more like a really invested film-fan, I’m having a great time interning with the site and have been growing more proud/confident in the work I’ve produced for them so far. So, thanks!


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