The Real Villain in ‘Jaws’

It finally happened. They let me rant about the greatest film of all time.

Well, the greatest film in my entirely biased opinion. But, getting to write an analytical piece on my favorite movie — and on a subject I bring up to whatever poor soul happens to be watching it with me — was exciting, to say the least. Writing this also got me my first ever mansplainer email which was truly a treat to read.

Bouncing off of a video essay about the true villain of the film Jaws (linked below), I go further into what it is exactly that makes this character so terrifying. They are not a conventional film villain, but their actions (or lack of action) do not make them exempt of blame. If you’ve seen the film, and I really hope you have, then you probably already know who I’m talking about.

Here’s my analysis of the real evil lurking in Spielberg’s classic, as well as how this specific type of baddie helps bring about the digestion of several beach-goers.

I have countless opinions and insights related to Jaws (as I’ve seen it entirely too many times). Comment if you think I should make a series based on these ideas about this movie in particular — or if I should instead do a favorite film highlight reel in an upcoming post. This could be me listing my all-time favorites and providing details related to filmmaking about why I believe these are truly the best of the best. Let me know! What are some of your favorite movies?

Video essay:

My article

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