Editorial on Ryan Reynolds’ Upcoming ‘Home Alone’ Spoof

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I am not a fan of stoner comedy. Not in the slightest. However, a writers gotta write.

In this case, I wrote a news piece on the film Stoned Alone which is about, you guessed it, a man home alone who gets extremely high and has to then battle home invaders. Ryan Reynolds will produce the comedy with Fox, and will hopefully inject some of his more original humor and comedic timing into what could easily be a very tiresome film.


Hindustan Times


One of the more redeeming qualities of the project is that it has a female director, and with the comedy genre being such a man’s world (especially in terms of more goofy, slapstick films) I’d love to see the relatively new Frizzell get a crack at making it big. For that reason, I honestly hope the film does well.

Don’t get me wrong, Home Alone is my absolute favorite holiday film (mostly because it’s basically a horror movie) and I have so much love & nostalgia for it. Here’s hoping Stoned Alone is majorly a spoof in terms of title and traps, and not just an adult-themed remake.

Are we tired of re-hashing old ideas yet? What other movies would make truly awful stoner-remakes? I personally can’t get the title ‘Pride and Cannabis’ out of my head.


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