New ‘Venom’ Trailer Breakdown

Also known as, when will people stop referring to Venom as “thicc” — actually, I’m sorry for putting that thought in your head.

In my article I breakdown the shiny new trailer for ‘Venom’ starring Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed. As per usual, this piece is heavily influenced by my own geeky nature as I hypothesize on the villain reveal & comic book backstory of some of the upcoming film’s elements.

‘Venom’ is premiering in October, right in time for everyone’s favorite spooky season, and it’s really shaping up to be a bloody, fun mess. Hardy seems like he’ll give a great performance with an interesting voice to match, and Ahmed is looking like the complex and enjoyable side-villain to challenge the feature-villain Venom.

Check out my trailer breakdown, as well as the official trailer itself below. Here’s hoping Sony really takes the R-rating and runs with it.


Official new trailer:


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