Director Shane Black *Really* Wants to Make a ‘Nice Guys’ Sequel

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And I totally suport you, Shane Black. I’m still trying to process how an incredibly funny, totally original buddy-cop movie like The Nice Guys could have done so poorly at the box office. I don’t even like crime mysteries or action films that much and I absolutely loved this movie.


Ryan Gosling’s comedic timing and ability to be a “serious” funny guy has always been incredibly impressive to me. Watching him in a comedy film role is a treat because it honestly feels nothing like any other performance you’ve ever seen in the genre. This is likely due to his roots not originally being in comedy, which probably works to his advantage. The match-up of Gosling with Russell Crowe was completely surprising and had an even more unexpectedly great result in my opinion, as well.

However, as I mentioned The Nice Guys did not make a killing in ticket sales. Not even close. Both critic and fan ratings are incredibly high, though. In my article, I discuss writer-director Shane Black’s reveal about being totally on board for a Nice Guys sequel, as well as what sort of roadblocks are in his way.

This recent news definitely has me craving a re-watch, if anything, but here’s hoping we (and Black) get the sequel we want as well. At least with Predator coming out in September we’ll soon get to see his incredible talent on the big screen again in the meantime.


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