Wes Anderson’s Next Movie Will be a Musical Set in Post-WWII France

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Fans of musicals and streamlined cinematography rejoice!

Wes Anderson, thankfully returning to live-action following his somewhat problematic film Isle of Dogs, has a treat in store for us. For the first time ever in his career, he will be making a movie-musical in what is sure to be one of the most iconic projects of his career.

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I can only imagine the beautiful mesh of aesthetics — with Anderson’s talents for scene composition and writing alongside the magic of a musical. There’s an unreal quality to musicals, obviously due to the fact that the cast breaks into song and dance numbers at random intervals, that make the genre a perfect match for the whimsical Wes Anderson.

Not only will it be a musical but it’s been reported that it will be set in 1940s France, after the Second World War. For a history buff and muscial enthusiast like me, this fact has me prematurely throwing my money at Wes Anderson’s pointy hipster shoes. The historical setting is likely to add more layers to the project and bring about some interesting potential plot points.

Read my full article about Wes Anderson’s new project here and get psyched. We’re in for something unique, at the very least.

What’s your favorite Wes Anderson film? Is it time for a movie-musical revolution? (Hint, it’s always time for a movie-musical revolution.)


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