Editorial: Superman and Lois Lane to Join the CW’s Annual DC Crossover Event

Make Lois Lane brunette again you cowards!


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Kidding, I really do love Amy Adams. But I also can’t get the amazing idea of an Asian or black actress portraying the plucky reporter out of my head. It would be the first time we had a WOC Lois Lane, at least in a live-action context (the DC animated films have already made those strides). With the CW’s track record for inclusivity, this wouldn’t be too much of a stretch, not that it should be considered a stretch anyway. But fanboy gripes should be expected if the CW did decide to go that route.

Whoever ends up playing Lois will represent the character’s debut on the CW, and her first TV appearance since Smallville back in 2004. Lois Lane and frequent Supergirl-cameo Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) will be joining the 3-episode event this December as part of the Arrowverse crossover series. As will Batwoman, in her first live-action appearance ever.


Read more about Superman and Lois Lane on the CW here — I’ll be keeping an eye out for the casting announcement to share that as well.


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