New Hulu Series Follows the Trials and Tribulations of the First Mars Mission

The only thing that could make me overlook my dislike of Sean Penn is the promise of a space-themed drama


A gripping new series is headed to Hulu, appropriately titled The First. It follows the five men and women who set out to become the first humans to ever set foot on the red planet. Beyond the sci-fi action thrill ride this description immediately brings to mind, The First aims at exploring human nature and struggle more than the far reaches of space

The show will be more of a character study, as these astronauts deal with family tensions related to the risky mission they are about to embark on. This idea is much more reminiscent of the film Interstellar, which makes me much more keen on the project. Don’t get me wrong — the space-thriller is one of my favorite genres. However, a good hard look at the struggle these people will have to undergo to reach their goal is a thousand times more interesting than if we were just given a quick introduction before they were thrust into outer space. This adds more tension and significance to the life or death mission, in my opinion.

Check out the first official trailer here:

The First will be helmed by House of Cards creator Beau Willimon and will star Natascha McElhone (The Truman Show) and (sighs) Sean Penn. It’s set to debut on Hulu on September 14th, with all 8 episodes being available instead of released once a week.

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