The New Trailer for ‘The Wind’ Will Leave Your Hair Standing on End

Something Evil is Brewing on the Western Front

Watch the new TIFF trailer below:

Full Article and Trailer Breakdown

I promise, this is not a sequel to The Happening. The Toronto International Film Festival screener The Wind is instead a unique-looking thriller about the stark prairie landscape and how it drives one lonely plains-woman mad. Whether or not there are actual demons lurking in her 1800s Western frontier home is left a mystery in the new trailer.


I’m especially drawn to the film, not only because of its spook-factor and chilling tone, but because it is directed and written by two women. This will be Caitlin Gerard’s directorial debut, while writer Teresa Sutherland is also a burgeoning talent. More horror-thrillers from female filmmakers would be greatly appreciated.

Read more details about the film in my article link above, and if you’re lucky enough to be attending the Toronto International Film Festival this year please give it a look! The Wind will premiere September 10th as part of TIFF Midnight Madness.

What are some great female-directed thrillers? The Babadook and Winter’s Bone are a couple great ones. Also, be sure to check out my recent article on the new Doom Patrol series from DC Universe!



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