‘The Nun’ Box Office Report

Read about The Nun having the best opening weekend of the Conjuring franchise here


I wrote my first ever box office article, going over how well The Nun did this weekend in terms of attendance compared to its projected numbers. I also take some time to discuss the phenomenon of its (and other jump scare horror films like it) box office success compared to the altogether negative reception it got critically.

How do films like The Nun balance out their financial successes with their relatively atrocious reviews? Can the modern horror genre persist with these disproportionate factors?

I’d love to explore these ideas in the future, particularly as someone who would love to see a revolution of modern horror films in the direction of It Follows and Get Out rather than the quintet of hollow James Wan movies (this is not to include the first two Conjuring films, as these were a success critically and box office-wise and were much more original than their spin-offs and sequels).

Full Article

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