Celebrating the “Men in the Masks” Who Make Horror Possible

Because let’s face it, your favorite scary movie wouldn’t be possible without the guy running around in the monster suit

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I take a fun look at some of the horror genre’s most recent “giants of horror” (given this nickname thanks to their incredible height and stature) who play the iconic villains and creatures we see in films like The Conjuring and Crimson Peak.

These actors can be easily overlooked or played off as untrained prop-wielders, but that couldn’t be further from the truth nowadays. There is a definite art and uniqueness when it comes to performing as a Hollywood monster or killer nowadays, and these actors listed in my article certainly prove that.

One such actor, Derek Mears (Friday the 13th 2009), is even in talks to secure a huge role in DC Universe’s new Swamp Thing. The former Jason would absolutely kill (ha) as the lesser-known DC character, and might draw more horror fans to the series.

Check out my article on FSR, and remember the work and skill it takes to bring these infamous horror baddies to life.


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