Who Should Take Over as the Man of Steel?

If Henry Cavill does in fact abandon the role, then I have more than a couple ideas of who I’d love to see fill his shiny red shoes


Here’s a hint, Michael B. Jordan is DEFINITELY on this list. Anyone who says he’s not perfect for the role is A. Wrong and/or B. Probably some salty fanboy who for some reason believes only white actors can play superheroes. Funnily enough, these same dissenters never cause the same uproar when the most “American” DC superhero of all time is played by a British actor. I wonder why…

To find out which other 5 actors made my shortlist, click the link here for the rest of my article on Film School Rejects. See if your fave made the cut!

Let’s hope that if Cavill does leave the DCEU, it doesn’t affect upcoming films as much. No matter what happens I’m still very much looking forward to the non-Batman or Superman films coming up, particularly Shazam! and Wonder Woman 84.



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