Video Essay on THE THING

Film Radar’s video explores how John Carpenter’s classic essentially hacks into your brain to scare the crap out of you

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1982’s The Thing is easily one of my favorite horror movies, mainly because when I first watched it I was completely unsettled and freaked out by the film. It’s hard to find movies that effectively scare me anymore, and now after viewing Film Radar’s video essay I can see why The Thing is just so good at doing this.

The way the human brain works, and understanding its processes, is crucial as a filmmaker particularly if you are trying to pull a specific reaction out of your audience. I’ve always firmly believed that scaring people is the hardest thing to do as a filmmaker (and I mean really scaring people, not just startling them and making them jump) and this video on The Thing makes it clear there is, in fact, a lot more going on when you set out to scare your audience.

the thing trailer screencap

Check out the video above, and then my analysis of it and the influence of The Thing in my article on FSR. The full extent of its legacy may surprise you.

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