‘Happy Death Day’ is Officially Getting a Sequel

Let’s Do the Time (Loop) Again

SDD screencap 3

For those of you who were just as pleasantly surprised by 2017’s Happy Death Day — which for all appearances could have been awful — good news! Blumhouse Productions and director Christopher Landon have announced that the sequel to the time-loop horror comedy is officially coming next February, on Valentine’s Day of all holidays.

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Could this release date be a hint at a possible holiday horror film (my personal favorite, in case you couldn’t tell by now)? As the first centered around final girl Tree’s birthday perhaps the “special date” theme will extend to Valentine’s Day.

HDD screencap 2

More importantly, however, this upcoming film, titled Happy Death Day 2U (yikes), will finally give us the answer to the first’s mystery. According to the director, we will finally discover why exactly (and how) Tree got stuck in that deadly time loop to begin with. I’m personally looking forward to the sequel, as I found HDD shockingly funny and the main character (helped by a great performance from Jessica Rothe) an unexpected treat. It will be premiering the same week as Dark Phoenix, meaning I’m going to have one busy week at the theater.

Did you enjoy Happy Death Day, or did you find it a disappointment? What do you think the reveal in the sequel will be? And does anyone remember that Supernatural episode where Sam was forced to relive every day and see his brother get killed over and over again — it just now occurred to me how similar these two Groundhog Day inspired stories are.


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