Scary Movie of the Day: October 4th

The slasher Trick ‘r Treat was released on this day, an unassuming film that later gained quite a cult following.

trick r treat halloween main

TRICK ‘R TREAT (USA: 4 October 2009)

Dir. Michael Dougherty | 86% on Rotten Tomatoes

This anthology horror film is regarded as a dark comedy of sorts, with all of the Halloween-set stories being linked by Sam — a little kid in a creepy burlap sack costume. Trick ‘r Treat had very few screenings upon its release but received a good amount of critical reception regardless. Though it had screenings in 2007, its official United States release date is considered to be October 4th, 2009 at San Diego Comic-Con. In more recent news, Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights added a terrifying maze based on the film Trick ‘r Treat. Fortunately for both West and East coasters, the maze is featured at both the Hollywood and Orlando parks.


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