Scary Movie of the Day: October 12th


SINISTER (12 October 2012)

Dir. Scott Derrickson | Starring Ethan Hawke

I feel like this film often gets swept under the rug of horror audiences’ perception, but upon rewatching it is an honestly entertaining and sufficiently creepy movie. The lead character, a washed-up true-crime novelist (Ellison Oswalt, played by Hawke) trying to rekindle his inspiration, is one we can all band around as well, I think. There’s something about a struggling artist in a film that sparks interest and an instant sense of relating to the character and his/her struggle. In this case, the discovery of a series of disturbing home videos depicting the grisly murders of several families has unleashed an unexpected horror onto Ellison and his family. The film received mixed reviews upon its release, and in 2015 it had a sequel (Sinister 2) which was significantly less successful.


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