How Music Serves a Story

I interviewed film and television composer Adam Dorn, who most recently scored the Robin Williams biopic and new Showtime docu-series Enemies

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One thing I’ve learned as an up and coming film writer (film journalist? film news writer? what am I honestly) is that once you’ve done a couple interviews, suddenly everyone is emailing you to do a feature on their guy or gal. And I don’t mind one bit! Helping someone get exposure and giving them the chance to talk about what they love to do, and about their exciting new projects — it’s how I want to use my skills.

I recently talked with composer Adam Dorn, who was a seriously cool person and musician. I personally know nothing about music and/or what it takes to score a film so this interview ended up being an amazing chance for me to learn about another facet of filmmaking.

If you’re into tense political dramas then Adam’s most recent projects may interest you. He also scored this year’s documentary Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind, which sounds as if it was an emotional and personal project for everyone involved.

Read more about the process and heart behind the scores of your favorite films and series in my article on FSR, particularly if you’ve ever wanted to know more about the unique role music plays in productions.


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