Interview with Film and TV Composer David Norland

The My Dinner with Hervé Composer Shares His Experience Working on Such an Intense Project

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British composer David Norland has worked on a lot of interesting films and television series in the past, often creating music alongside director Sacha Gervasi (Hitchcock, November Criminals). The two are longtime friends, so it was only logical that Norland composed the score for Gervasi’s passion project, the HBO film about the tragic and wildly off-beat actor Hervé Villechaize.

my dinner with herve hbo

The film stars Peter Dinklage and came out in October this year. Dinklage, who was no doubt moved by the life of Villechaize, who also had dwarfism, helped the director develop the screenplay for years. Both considered it to be a deeply personal film.

I sat down with Norland recently to discuss his score for the emotional yet humorous film, particularly how he juggled the expectations and pressures of such a tragic figure whose life story meant so much to both lead actor and director. Read my interview here on FSR and if you haven’t caught HBO’s My Dinner with Hervé yet make sure you do because Dinklage really gave it his all. It’s always refreshing to see Game of Thrones stars branch off in more diverse roles, as well (with the notable exception of Kit Harrington in Pompei, of course).


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