Newsflash, Superhero Films Have Been Political This Entire Time

A Brief Political History of Comic Books and Their Film Adaptations


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One of the biggest, superhero or otherwise, films this year so far has been Captain Marvel. The MCU blockbuster reached “higher, further, faster” at $150 mil its opening weekend and currently has a domestic total of over $300 mil. It’s speculated to keep climbing the box office charts — and to break a few records on the way up. Our pal Carol has truly been the talk of the town.

Unfortunately, the main discussion in the comic book community has been focused on a very different side of the Carol Danvers story. Before the trailer even dropped, before she even made it to the big screen, the internet trolls pounced. Their gripes about Marvel trying to be “too political” by releasing a female-led film were not taken seriously by the majority of fans, yet reached such an insane peak that they almost commanded the entire conversation around the then-upcoming film. They even went so far as to submit fake reviews to sites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb.

My brief essay on this recent epidemic, and how it makes zero sense considering the wealth of political history Marvel (and DC) comics are steeped in, can be found on Film School Rejects. I discuss the “controversy” around Captain Marvel along with 2018’s Black Panther and go back into comic book history to show how ridiculous the whole affair truly was. After all, you can’t exactly look at Cap punching out Nazis and not call it political.

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