‘The Matrix’ 20th Anniversary: The 20 Most Beautiful Shots

The 20 Most Beautiful Shots from 1999’s THE MATRIX


Happy 20th, MATRIX!

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That’s right, in case you weren’t feeling old enough, 1999’s hit sci-fi action film THE MATRIX turns 20 today.  So in celebration of this incredibly iconic film, I compiled 20 of the film’s best shots for Film School Rejects.

It was truly a testament to my self-restraint that I didn’t fill this list entirely with Keanu Reeves shots. I personally will always be in The Wachowskis‘ debt for blessing me with the wire-fu martial arts/existential themes/black long sleeve Keanu vibes. But seriously, when it comes down to it, this film is jam-packed with some truly innovative camerawork. The bullet-time sequences are a given, but there are also plenty of dynamic standalone shots — so many that cutting this list down to just 20 proved to be much more difficult than I thought.

So, if you’re also a huge fan of this inceptive film in the series, check out my article on FSR — are there any particular shots here that are your favorite? What are some you would have added?

When you’re done checking out the best of the best, here are some of my own sub-par gifs I made just for the heck of it while working on this piece. While you’re at it make sure to check out my MATRIX commentary for my film appreciation series for more fawning over this revolutionary (get it?) film.

phone booth perfect shotthroat jab 2trinity glass

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