Kendall Cromartie

Kendall Cromartie currently works at a local geothermal development company in Reykjavik, Iceland and holds a MSc. in Sustainable Energy from Reykjavik University.

On this website you will find a catalogue of her professional work, including both published and unpublished writings, both academic and editorial. A smattering of her creative writing can be found here, as well.

Kendall is originally from San Diego, California and moved to Iceland in the summer of 2019. Her past work experience includes internships with the US Department of Energy, part-time positions with various environmental organizations and University departments, teaching assistant roles during her Master’s program, and work as a contributor for the film journalism website Film School Rejects. Her writing experience includes published editorial pieces both in print and online, as well as numerous creative and academic pieces from her college career.

Though currently unpublished in the fiction world, Kendall hopes to one day publish a book of short fiction stories. Besides writing Kendall is passionate about reading, hiking, film, and social activism.

For complete details on Kendall’s professional and educational background, you can visit her LinkedIn profile here.

Kendall’s MSc. thesis on Arctic renewable energy systems is published online here.

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