the site of the crash

one by one he scoops up the small, dark stones this one a bit bumpier than the others another, impossibly smooth nerveless fingertips lingering on the cool surface then on to the next token gravel digging into his kneecaps hunched shoulders lit up from behind by blinding red and blue the flashing lights are like … Continue reading the site of the crash

5 Tips for Your First Film Biz Interview

About a week ago, my editor asked me if I would interview an up-and-coming director for an article. And, honestly, my first instinct was to run. Anywhere. Wherever my editor couldn't find me. However, this wasn't something I could just blow off. So I gave myself a pep talk, arranged the interview with the production … Continue reading 5 Tips for Your First Film Biz Interview

Excerpt from Short Fiction Piece “Aftermath”

“...and then after Calvin left, or well didn’t leave exactly, but you know. After that I was alone. So I put a day’s worth of gas in the Chevy and just drove until I got here. Found these other ladies along the way too. Guess we all just missed the cut-off, huh?” Jerrie laughs nervously, … Continue reading Excerpt from Short Fiction Piece “Aftermath”