untitled | microfiction

Carol couldn’t remember what they had been talking about, or where exactly they had decided to go -- or even if a decision had been made at all -- but she kept on driving anyway. The buzzing cadence of voices from the passenger seat to the backseat seemed false in her ears, and she turned … Continue reading untitled | microfiction


“red cigarette” story excerpt

Staying awake was hard. So was falling asleep. Red’s body didn’t know what it wanted—to be conscious or to let her fade away into dreamy unconsciousness. Sitting on the bottom step of her building’s staircase, the smoke from Red’s cigarette made her eyes sting as his voice floated in the back of her mind. It … Continue reading “red cigarette” story excerpt

Excerpt from Short Fiction Piece “Aftermath”

“...and then after Calvin left, or well didn’t leave exactly, but you know. After that I was alone. So I put a day’s worth of gas in the Chevy and just drove until I got here. Found these other ladies along the way too. Guess we all just missed the cut-off, huh?” Jerrie laughs nervously, … Continue reading Excerpt from Short Fiction Piece “Aftermath”