‘Halo’ TV Series Finds a Home at Showtime

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From ‘Variety’

When I was in elementary school, my mom bought my dad an Xbox. Now, this was the first Xbox, THE Xbox, released in 2001. It still runs perfectly to this day, though how I have no idea.

Naturally, my mom bought my dad a brand new, first-person shooter game to go along with his present. That game was 2001’s Halo, also the original, also much loved. Loved, not by my dad, but by seven- or eight-year-old me.

I have no idea when I officially took over the Xbox but it soon became clear that my father never played it, and that I was quite literally addicted.

What feels like thousands of years later, I am still playing this same Xbox console in my twenties. I also continued to play Halo and its ensuing sequels. So when Showtime announced last week that they had officially ordered a new series based on the video game franchise, I scrambled to cover it for FSR.

It goes without saying that this is now my new favorite FSR article I have ever written– I also believe however that it is the best written of mine so far. I got to discuss what I am looking forward to in the show, as well as give some background on the minds behind Halo and the influence they will have as it moves to television.

Oh, and I gushed a bit about Steven Spielberg’s involvement. Because, wow.


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