Scary Movie of the Day: October 25th

The Night He Came Home


HALLOWEEN (25 October 1978)

Directed by and Music by John Carpenter | Produced by Debra Hill

It’s no secret that the original Halloween is my favorite scary movie of all time. I’ve given it plenty of love in my 10 Best Horror Movies Before 1990 list, going further into what exactly makes the film so excellent. One thing I believe I forgot to mention, though, was the incredible score. John Carpenter created a simple yet heart-pumping score for his film, those simple notes on a piano becoming iconic as the film gained its legacy. The overall tone and aesthetic of the movie could not have been as effective or present without this distinctive musical score. Halloween like many horror staples did not receive as good a reception when it first premiered than it did in later years. Its prowess and success meant, naturally, that many sequels and remakes followed it — a total of eleven in fact. None come close to the tension and quality of the first, however.


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