The Tastiest RomCom Trope

The Irresistible Appeal of Culinary Courtship in Film


Possibly one of the most sickeningly cute and underrated movie tropes is when the protagonist or love interest cooks for the other — this can be seen in a variety of genres, but all possess the same warm, fuzzy feeling. It’s most special when the character cooks for the other in their restaurant after-hours, like in films with chef main characters (Spanglish or Life as We Know It for example).

This article is an appreciation of why this trope works so well, and how it more effectively creates a romantic atmosphere than other types of romcom scenes. I have a deep appreciation for films that tap into the way food — or more specifically cooking — exists as the perfect vehicle for romance.

Culinary courtship is something we can all relate to (and for some of us even dream about) which makes these kinds of scenes even sweeter.

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