‘A Quiet Place’ Producers Are Bringing Us a Christmas Horror Film Next

The untitled holiday horror project has been picked up by Sony, and is already being compared to hits like Scream

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What’s better than a Christmastime horror flick? Well, a Christmastime horror flick with a heavy dose of humor and meta-horror — like the iconic teen slasher Scream. I’ve already waxed on and on about the genius of Wes Craven’s Scream, so no need to get too into my love for that particular film right now.

The news about the producers of A Quiet Place bringing this pitch to Sony is only sweetened by the storyline’s comparison to Scream. This is already exciting news, as AQP was a box office success as well as a refreshing modern day scary movie. Fans of good horror have reason to trust the team at Platinum Dunes to deliver, and now it will be up to Sony to see the project through.

The Platinum Dunes production company is no stranger to horror, having churned out hits like The Purge, A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010), and The Amityville Horror (2005) besides the successful A Quiet Place.

Get more details on the new holiday horror project, as well as a fun discussion on what it is exactly that makes the horror sub-genre so fun, in my article on FSR.


In November or December, I think I’ll rank my favorite holiday-themed scary movies, just to ease the pain of the end of October. What are your favorite holiday horror films? Let’s not forget about classics like Gremlins, My Bloody Valentine, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.


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