Hulu and Blumhouse TV’s New Series Sets Out to Make Every Holiday a Nightmare

The horror anthology series Into the Dark will feature a different holiday for each chilling episode


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Every horror movie fanatic’s dream of having spooky content year-round, instead of just between the months of September and October, is finally coming true. As for whether or not this new series will be incredibly cheesy or actually incredible, that remains to be seen.

Jason Blum and Hulu are taking on the monumental task of making the most obscure holidays scary in their new experimental horror series, and it’s coming surprisingly soon after the above teaser was released yesterday. Into the Dark will premiere on October 5th this year, naturally starting with the series’ Halloween episode.

For more details on the first episode’s plot and casting, read my series breakdown on FSR here. Each episode of Into the Dark will be written and directed by different people, as well as have different actors — sort of like Netflix’s Black Mirror. I’ll definitely be checking this one out next month, and I’m honestly prepared for either my new favorite show or my new favorite mess.

So, is it possible to make the Easter Bunny scary? And what on earth do you think they’ll do for a horrifying Flag Day? If you love the holiday horror subgenre, click here to check out my editorial on the Scream-like holiday horror flick picked up by Sony and the producers of A Quiet Place!


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