‘X-Men’ and the Appeal of the Domestic Superhero Squad

For Everyone Who Chose the X-Mansion on All Those “What Fictional Location Would You Want to Live In?” Quizzes

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As someone born in the 90s who grew up in the early 2000s, the domestic live-in superhero group made up two of my biggest superhero staples— Teen Titans (2003 – 2006) and the original X-Men trilogy. These particular squads of supers were presented as being more of a family unit — or in the case of the original Teen Titans, wacky college roommates.


X-Men, X2, and Last Stand had, of course, many themes surrounding exclusion, inequality, and prejudice. The X-Mansion represented a safe refuge for the mutants, making it and the domesticity seen in these films crucial to their stories. Not to mention the lasting impact this domestic super squad had on kids like me who grew up with these films.

If your childhood consisted of these films and shows, check out my article on Film School Rejects for a blast from the past. Re-watching these initial X-Men films was definitely a treat, and I would highly recommend for anyone who hasn’t had a marathon for a while.


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