How ‘Bill & Ted’ Sparks Joy 30 Years Later

How ‘Bill & Ted’ Sparks Joy

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The most bodacious Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure celebrated its 30th anniversary this month (February 17th to be exact) and I took it upon myself to express exactly how the iconic sci-fi comedy film has continued to spark joy throughout the years.

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As a massive Keanu Reeves fan, I love this film for being one of the few instances where we get to see the actor really let go and lose his cool-guy persona. This was also one of the films to put Reeves on the map as an actor. Alex Winter (and his perpetual crop top) also shine in the film, and the pair’s hilarious dynamic as the earnest yet clueless Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted Theodore Logan is by far the best part of the film. I can’t wait to see the two reunite for the upcoming threequel, Bill & Ted Face the Music.

In my article, I take a look at the specific ways the movie sparks such joy, as well as why the constant mantra (“be excellent to each other”) is so important now in the present day.

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All immense love for the film aside, I would like to undertake a larger analysis here on my personal website about an unfortunate trend among 80s films — one that Bill & Ted (and even its sequel, made in 1991) is a part of as well. I’m of course talking about the elephant in the room, the use of homophobic slurs in all our favorite 80s classics and comedies.

I’d love to take this phenomenon apart and really look at why this occurred so often and so casually, looking at the social climate of 1980s America as well to help expose this uncomfortable subject.

I feel as if it’s important to acknowledge these things in the movies we love and to be aware of problematic moments while still enjoying said films. More to come on that, hopefully, once I gather my thoughts on the subject a little more.

In the meantime, here are a few other fantastic films that also celebrated an anniversary on the 17th:

Sleeping Beauty – 60 years

Footloose – 35 years

The Burbs – 30 years

The Secret World of Arrietty – 7 years

A Cure for Wellness – 2 years

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